Sunshine pool

Equipment outline

Summer limited "Sunshine Pool". Six unique pools such as a running water pool and a universal design water jungle, including a dragon slider that slides down inside the tube, are very popular!

Inquiries during pool period
West Exit
Wonder World Exit
Uminonakamichi Station Exit
parking lot
West Parking Lot
Wonder World Parking Lot
Uminonakamichi Station Exit Parking Lot

Business hours / charges

2024 business hours

Business day time
July 6th (Sat), 7th (Sun),
13th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 15th (Mon/holiday),
July 20th (Sat) - August 27th (Tue),
August 31st (Sat), September 1st (Sun),
7th (Sat), 8th (Sun),
14th (Sat), 15th (Sun), 16th (Mon/Holiday)
9:00 to 18:00
*9:30-17:00 on September
7th, 8th, 14th-16th

usage fee

Classification Adult
(15 years old and over)
(elementary and
junior high school students)
(3-5 years old)
WEB ticket fee 2,000 yen 1,000 yen 300 yen
Silver fee
(65 years old and over)
700 yen - -
store sales
2,100 yen 1,100 yen 350 yen
  • Both the park and pool can be used for the above fee.
  • If you purchase at the silver price, please present something that can prove your age at the window.
  • You can purchase WEB tickets from the Sunshine Pool WEB ticket purchase site.

Inside map

Please note that the poolside will be hot due to the intense heat. Please bring beach sandals etc. when using.

① Running water pool
Surrender yourself to the flow of water and go around. You can enjoy the pleasant feeling of swimming in a natural river. Pool wheelchairs are also available.
◯ Length: 300m
◯ Width: 7m
◯ Water depth: 0.8m to 1.2m
◯ Flowing water speed: 0.6m per second
② Water Jungle-Adventure Island-
There are many devices that tickle the adventurous spirit of children, such as a mountain of stones sticking out of the water, a mountain of nets, logs and rafts, and a big bucket where a large amount of water falls with fanfare. Pool wheelchairs are also available.
◯ Water depth: 0m to 0.3m (for small children)
③ Dragon slider
There are three types of sliders: Fire Dragon, which is about 14m high and 100m long, Tube Dragon which is about 10m high and about 92m long, and Little Dragon which is about 4.9m high and about 34m long. Tube Dragon can also ride on a float and slide with two people.
◯ Water depth: 0.85m (landing pool)
*The target is 120 cm or taller. The Tube Dragon cannot be used by persons weighing 130kg or more (single-seater), total weight of 180kg or more in the case of two-seaters, or a weight difference of 80kg or more.
④ Dinosaur pool
It is a powerful pool where water rushes out from the feet of dinosaurs.There is a small slide on the island with dinosaurs.
◯ Water depth: 0.8m to 1.2m
*Persons under 150 cm tall must be accompanied by an attendant.
⑤ Infant pool
A pool for toddlers.
Let's enjoy playing in the water with cute objects.
◯ Water depth: 0.25m
⑥ Forest lake pool
A clover-shaped pool that looks like a lake in the forest. A green island floats in the center of the pool, giving it a resort feel.
◯ Water depth: 1.1m
*Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an attendant.
⑦ Pool management building
There is a first aid room in the pool administration building. If you have any problems in the pool, please contact the management building.
Shop / shop
The sunshine shop and lawn garden shop sell snacks and drinks, as well as swimwear and other items. Draft beer is sold in the lawn garden (drinkers are not allowed to swim). You can also rent floats.
Changing rooms, lockers, hot showers
In addition to the changing rooms, the Sunshine Pool has 1,500 coin lockers for men and women (300 yen each time). In addition, there are 24 showers for men and women and 24 hot showers. Shower facilities are also provided throughout the pool.
Direct bus (for a limited time)
Sunshine Pool direct bus runs from Tenjin (in front of Tenjin Post Office) during summer pool business period and summer vacation period.
Shuttle bus in the park
During the summer pool business period, a free shuttle bus will operate from each park entrance (West Exit, Wonder World Exit, Uminonakamichi Station Exit) to the front of the pool.

For people with disabilities

Discounted rates are available for the person presenting the Physically Handicapped Person's Handbook, Rehabilitation Handbook, and Mental Disability Handbook (hereinafter referred to as "notebook, etc.") and one attendant.

Classification Adult
(15 years old and over)
(elementary and
junior high school students)
(3-5 years old)
Discounted rates
for people with
500 yen 300 yen free
  • Sold at a discounted rate at the WEB ticket / counter. WEB tickets can be purchased from the Sunshine Pool WEB ticket purchase site .
  • Wheelchairs for the pool (free of charge) are available for people with disabilities. Please ask a staff member if you would like to use it.
  • Pool wheelchair: 3 for self-propelled, 3 for caregivers, 1 for severely disabled.You can enter the pool with a caregiver using the slope.
  • We have a changing room for people with disabilities that wheelchair users can use with peace of mind.
  • There is a special entrance for wheelchair users in the running water pool.
To confirm that you have a notebook, etc., please show one of (1) to (4).
① Body of notebook etc.
② A copy of a notebook, etc.
③ Image taken in advance of notebook etc.
④ A screen displaying information such as a notebook by the smartphone application " Mirairo ID "


For those who cannot use the pool

■Those who cannot enter the area
  • Persons with tattoos (including stickers and paint).Please note that if it is found after entering, you will be asked to leave.
  • Patients with legally infectious diseases
  • Infants under the age of 6 and those who need assistance can enter with a guardian or an attendant.
  • Persons who are likely to disturb order and morals.
  • For health and hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed to enter.
■Those who cannot swim in the pool
  • High blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women, and people with alcohol
  • Those who are not feeling well
  • Those who do not follow the instructions of the lifeguards
  • In addition, those who are recognized as dangerous by the observer

About prohibited items

■In the pool area
  • Football float (For safety reasons, it cannot be used.)
  • Tarp-type tents (4-legged tents, etc.) *Excluding dome-type tents with a side length of less than 2m.
  • A set of diving equipment: underwater glasses (goggles are possible), flippers, snorkel, aqualung, etc.
  • Equipped with oars or power planes to navigate and sail
  • Large rubber boat (generally over 1.0m x 1.8m)
  • Surfing board or similar (including body board)
  • Alcohol and substances that may contaminate the pool (chewing gum, etc.)
  • Dangerous goods such as bottles and cans
  • Animals (pets, etc.)
  • Other items that are considered to cause harm to swimmers due to the use or damage of the item.
■In the pool (in the water)
  • Food and drink, diapers (excluding diapers for playing in the water), etc. that are not desirable for hygiene
  • Footwear, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other clothing
  • Other items that are considered to cause harm to swimmers due to the use or damage of the item.

Precautions for use

  • Infants and people with disabilities must be accompanied by a guardian or other attendant aged 15 or over.
  • There are height restrictions and precautions for each pool facility. Please check the precautions for each use. Also, please follow the instructions of the staff to prevent accidents.
  • Children, elementary school students and beginners should use shallow pools.
  • People who swim must wear swimwear.
  • Be sure to do a preparatory exercise before swimming.
  • While swimming, do not play pranks by the pool or cause trouble to others.
  • Diving and diving are prohibited.
  • Please get out of the pool during the designated break.
  • Please smoke in the designated area. Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.
  • We are not responsible for any injuries caused by your intention or carelessness.
  • Some or all of the facilities may be closed without prior notice to prevent accidents such as repairs and inspections of the facilities.
  • If it is deemed dangerous due to strong winds, heavy rain, thunder, etc., swimming and slider operations may be canceled.
  • If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be asked to leave.
Inquiries about Sunshine Pool
Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Sunshine Pool Management Office
TEL: 092-603-6835
* Only during the pool business period
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